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Bring-A-Kid Race Event
Welsh Neck Baptist Association
Post Office Box 1407, Hartsville, South Carolina 29551-1407
Bring-A-Kid Race Night at Darlington
Friday, May 8 ,2009
Rally—5:30 PM; Gate 34
Cost $12.50 per person
Diamond Hill Plywood 200

Dear Race Fans,
It’s time for the engines to roar and the flag to drop for the 2009 season of Nascar racing. With all of that comes your opportunity to witness to race fans while enjoying the Diamond Hill Plywood 200, on May 8, 2009 at Darlington Raceway. We were glad that more of you were able to attend last year’s event than the year before and hope that even more will be able to attend this year. This is our twenty-third invitation from Darlington Raceway to share this event and we are excited—things continue to be good in the racing world. Darlington Raceway is celebrating 60 years of racing with the return of the Southern 500!

As usual, we will have reserved seating in the Tyler and Pearson Towers. We know that sometimes you may be seated near “regular fans” and become uneasy. We urge you to take the opportunity to witness to these fans by your actions and reactions to what you might consider undesirable behavior—after all, the Missions Statement of Bring A Kid is to witness to the fans by presenting ourselves as the Christian race fans among the lost race fans. We hope that you will spend time in prayer for opportunities to witness so that you won’t be in a group that’s only interested in cheap race tickets.

We will again enter the track through Gate 34 and gather at the top of the hill to the left. Tickets remain at the very reasonable $12.50 each. The deadline for reservations will be April 15 so that the paperwork can be processed, to give the track sufficient time to print tickets and seat assignments can be made and lunches ordered (a coupon for a drink and hot dog at Americrown Concessions inside the track will be issued with each ticket). We hope that you have been able to overcome travel restrictions and will be able to arrive in time to attend the rally at 5:30, get your tickets and be in the stands for driver introductions at 7:00. As of this writing, plans are being made for CMA Comedian of the Year 2007 and 08, Barry McGee, to lead the rally. We hope that your plans begin now so that you don’t miss this worthwhile missions opportunity. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Bring A Kid, ready and willing to share God’s love with the lost.

If you are not the current Men’s Ministry leader, R.A. leader or youth leader, please pass this information to the person who has assumed that position. Consult our website for additional forms and info.

Serving Christ together,
Tommy DeWitt
Bring A Kid Coordinator

PS: Remember that it takes time for mail and processing of orders, but your confirmation will be sent as soon as possible. Check your info for errors to avoid surprises on race day.
PSS: The following are acceptable items to bring: (1)ear plugs (2)cushions (3)hats (4)coolers no larger than 6”x 6”x12”collapsible (5)rain gear—no umbrellas, please. Due to heavy traffic, adjust your travel time to ensure attendance at the rally at 5:30pm. Additional information and questions can be addressed to Linda or Tommy at 843 383-4566, day or 843 383-5293 at night. If you are not the current pastor, church secretary, Men’s Ministry leader, RA leader or youth leader, please help us by passing this information to the person who has assumed this position.
Bring a Kid Letter/Form09.pdf
Bring a Kid Letter/Form09.pdf
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